Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sleepless Nights and Rewrites

Well, it's two thirty in the morning and I'm still awake. I tried to go to bed. I laid there for a good long while and listened to all my normal night noises. Tonight was a whimpering Mischa night. Then I starting thinking about my book because, well, because I think about it a lot.

And I had this epiphany about Second Nature. About how I was telling the story wrong. Not like wrong really, but just in the incorrect order. So I thought about getting out my trusty purple nightstand book (if you are unfamiliar with my trusty purple nightstand book, you should ask my sister Wendy about it. She could tell you a great story about it that doesn't make me seem like an absolute freak. No, not at all.) and scribbling down some ideas. And while I was contemplating doing that, I had a thought about a rewrite I'd been working on for Effigy. Then I had to contemplate scribbling down notes about that too. But the problem with scribbling down notes is that Mischa mistakes my movement for a cue that it's time to get up and not sleep anymore, which makes Sebastian get up and wander around the room, which makes me, more often than not, say "Would you just go back to bed already?!?!?" which, more often than not, wakes Joe up. And since I'd already woken him up earlier that evening when I was tried to extradite Jenny the Bitch Cat from the bedroom (she fell off the side of the bed, trying to evade me, and was tagged by Mischa. Chaos ensued. Joe would've had to have been dead in order to sleep through that.), I didn't think he'd much appreciate me doing it again.

So I took my insomniac ass out of the room and plopped it down in front of the computer. I even closed the office door behind me so the Bitch Cat and her evil counterpart couldn't distract me. I haven't looked at the Second Nature stuff yet, but the Effigy scene is coming along nicely. I'm pretty happy with it so far, which is always a danger, but good for me. No notable progress on my synopsis yet, but I've still got little more than a month to crank that baby out.

So I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell y'all a funny story from today. I took the dogs with me on my errands. We went to the post office and then Joe's office to drop off the office's mail. I brought the dogs in to meet Steve, the new guy. I don't know exactly what Steve does there. I don't actually know what anyone does there. Anyway, that's not really the funny part of the story except that Mischa was in the office approximately one minute before she managed to find a tennis ball. The ball belonged to Joe's boss's new poodle puppy, Alice. Hope Alice doesn't mind Mischa borrowing it and slobbering all over it. So after we left the office, we went to the grocery store. I went inside and when I came back out, there was this little old lady (well, okay, maybe not little and old...little, older lady) standing next to my car, looking in the windows. Sebastian was sitting in the backseat with his back to her, ever the social dog. Mischa was sitting in the front seat, staring at the little older lady staring at her. Because that's what Mischa does. Of course, knowing Mischa as I do, she could've learned Morse Code or hypnotism one morning while I was in the shower (not that I'm ever in the shower that long, of course...) and was using it on the little older lady to get her to bring cheeseburgers or liver treats to the car.

As far as I know, she wasn't.

Anyway, Mischa broke off the stare when she saw me approaching. Then she bounced into the backseat and both dogs stared at me as I put the groceries into the back of the car. The little older lady smiled at me and started to get into the car next to us. I smiled back. I even said hi. Ever the polite child. Then I got in the car. The first thing I did was hook Mischa to the front door. It keeps her in the front seat which keeps her from tagging Sebastian every time a (insert something Mischa freaks out about while in the car here. ) goes by. The little older lady, sitting in her car, is still looking at me and then, when she sees that I've seen her, says something. Which, since I am sitting in my car with the windows up and she is sitting in her car with the windows up, I cannot hear.

But, as I am ever the polite child, I put the window down. This, you realize, requires me to hold onto Mischa's collar so she won't jump out the window. Yeah. Learned that one the hard way. The little older lady does the same.

"I was just saying, wow," she said. She gestured to Sebastian, speechless. "I mean, just one would scare me to death! But you have two!"

"Oh," I say. "They're pretty big babies. Especially the big one."

Especially when you consider all I have to do to protect him from the little one. But I don't say that. I'm sensitive to my abnormally large German Shepherd's feelings.

"I just couldn't imagine if they were my dogs," little older lady said then.

I declined to point out that if they were her dogs, she probably wouldn't be scared to death of them. Ever the polite child.

We left then.

It's not the first time I've come out from some place and found someone standing by the car, looking at the dogs. It makes me wonder what the dogs are doing while I'm wherever I am. The first time it happened, I was at CVS. When I came out, there was this woman standing on the passenger's side of my car, looking in the window. When she saw me approach, she told me how she was standing there, waiting for me, because she wanted to tell me how beautiful the dogs were. Then she said something about Mischa being a German Shepherd, which I, of course, had to correct. Then we talked about the Malinois because she had never heard of the breed. Lately, it's been happening at the Post Office. Once, it was a guy who's wife ran a pet sitting service and he wanted to give me her card. Because Sebastian loves strangers. Other times, it's just people who want to tell me how pretty the dogs are, or how well behaved (obviously not the people in the Friendly's parking lot the night Mischa was liberating the cookie bag from my glove box.), how large Sebastian is, or just how damn cute Mischa is when she gnawing the head off of whatever stuffed animal has the unfortunate fate of being her car toy that day.


Anyway, I'm going back to work. Just want to note that my iPod seems to be very much into Alice In Chains and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog this morning.

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