Saturday, January 31, 2009

Television Week In Review (week Ending 1/31/09)


The SAG Awards: I correctly called the winners in every race except for Best Actor. I thought Mickey Rourke would take it but they gave it to Sean Penn instead. The SAG people are always the trickiest to predict. They gave Johnny Depp an award for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, after all. I'm not saying he didn't deserve the award because I totally think he did, I'm just saying, it's not exactly conventional. Heath Ledger received another award for playing The Joker in The Dark Knight. Smart money says he'll receive an oscar for it too next month.

Legend of the Seeker: My favorite new syndicated series, based on the Sword of Truth fantasy series by Terry Goodkind. It's funny because there are a lot of online groups who are protesting the show because they think it is completely ruining the Sword of Truth series. I say to them: If you don't like the show, then don't watch the show. I've read the beginning of the series (the first three books thus far) and it's a pretty good series and the show is just fun. The writing is decent, especially for a syndicated series, and the acting is often laughable (especially the guy playing the main character, Richard) but the swordfighting (and you know I'm a sucker for a good swordfight.) is really quite good. Anyway, this episode seems to involve magical talking sock puppets. Classic.


House: When did this become the Thirteen show? I watch this show for Hugh Laurie anyway. Congrats on your SAG award, Hugh!

The Closer: I was expecting this episode to pick up where the last one left off, with Brenda holding a bleeding Sanchez in a helicopter on their way to the hospital. Should've known better. It picked up well after that and Sanchez's recovery. Physically he's fine, mentally, maybe not so much. He won't talk to the therapist so who knows. Brenda should understand that because she didn't want to talk to the therapist either a season or two ago. Anyway, she and Fritz are still planning on getting married and Sargent Gabriel was nowhere to be found. An average episode, I thought, and a little disappointing for a season opener. They need to take lessons from the folks at Battlestar Galactica. Now those writers know how to open a season.


American Idol: Joe thought the college physics guy was awesome.

Fringe: Why am I now suddenly afraid of my computer? Kudos on being absolutely disgusting, by the way. I'd also like to give a shout out to Mary Beth Peil, who played the mother of the girl who died in the fire in Walter's lab however many years ago it was. She gets a shout out because she played Jen Lindley's grandmother on Joshua Jackson's old series, Dawson's Creek.


Lie To Me: I don't know how I feel about this show. I don't like Kelli Williams's character, whatever her name is, but I do like Tim Roth's character. I'll probably stick with it for now and see how it develops.


Supernatural: It was kind of a disappointing episode, really. The best part of it was Dean in his gym teacher shorts and then his line, "Dude, three of the cheerleaders are legal. Guess which ones." But yeah, I was disappointed. Teenaged Dean, to me, seemed to be taller than Present Day teen and much less Dean like than little Dean from other flashbacks. Little Sam was fine, whatever, and I laughed when the teacher asked him about the werewolf killing story. But I thought it was too filled with high school cliches. This is a show that doesn't really do cliches, or if it does, is mocking them at the same time. Not so here. Anyway, the preview for next week looked interesting. Loved Dean's gleeful "Strippers, Sammy!"


Monk: I guess I'm well over this series because I just kind of feel ho hum about the whole thing. Yes, there were parts that made me laugh but, I guess, not enough of them.

Psych: This freaking show cracks me up every single damn week thus far. Loved, loved, LOVED, the Ralph Macchio reference (seeing him at the taco place) and Gus's "For the record, he was not working there." Loved the whole damn thing. The Mentalist reference was a nice touch too.

Battlestar Galactica: So, if you haven't seen this week's episode, you might not want to read this blurb. I haven't written about any television for a while, so I haven't written about the first two epsiodes in this second half of the final season. Here's what I thought about that: Premiere: Frakking awesome. Dee shocked the hell out of me, Starbuck intrigued the hell out of me (MUST know what's going on with her. Like now.) and the revelation of the final cylon was kind Whatever. The second episode was decidedly less action packed but something's a-brewing big time. Loved Adama's playing Tom Zarek though. That was brilliant. Anyway, this week's outing was a litle more action packed, that, of course, being a MAJOR understatement. I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing about two minutes into the episode and I'm pretty sure I won't take another breath until the end of next week's episode. And even then I can't be sure because the preview for next week is rather...intense? Wow. I knew the second episode was setting up for something cool, but this was fantastic. Kudos to you, BSG crew. I honestly don't know what I'll do without you.

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