Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

1:09am: I make it to bed. I'm tired as hell and just want to sleep but apparently, my brain didn't get that message because it just won't stop.

2:15am: Still awake. I consider just getting up and going to do something but it's at least warm under the covers so I stay put.

3:00am: Oh, for crying out loud.

6:50am: Joe wakes me up to tell me he's leaving. And he's taking my car. Since we're getting a foot or more of snow and his car sucks in the snow, I give him my blessing. He put his car in the garage so that when the snow plow does come, his car is not completely buried like it was during that last storm.

6:50:01am: Mischa starts pacing.

6:55am: Mischa's still pacing. Since 7am is a late start for her, I guess I should just suck it up and get out of bed. But damn, I'm tired.

7:00am: I finally push the covers off and roll out of bed. Mischa rewards me by promptly puking in her crate. I always say my day isn't complete until I've picked up animal vomit. Good to know I've completed my day so early.

7:15am: Animals fed and watered, I try to go back to sleep for a couple of hours. I am marginally successful because at

9:00am: The alarm goes off, interrupting a very interesting dream, the details of which I decline to write here in My Pet Blog. And no, Jacoby Ellsbury wasn't in it. Sadly.

9:15am: I get out of bed for the second time and get dressed. It's snowing now so it's definitely a flannel lined jeans sort of day.

9:20am: I take the dogs outside. At the same time.

9:23am: While I wait for Sebastian to finish peeing (interesting note: Sebastian is never finished peeing.), I watch Marie's construction crew. Her garage is now a three story non-residental (because a garage with a residental garage on top is against our association rules) circus. There's this little odd thing sitting outside that the boys were building yesterday. Joe thinks it has something to do with a chimney (not that you need a chimney for a non residental garage, of course.) but I think it's a ticket booth so she can charge admission to the show. The boys are working inside today. I know they're working inside because I can see them through the ginormous windows Marie has put on the front of her non residental garage. This thrills me because Marie's been noted for seeding her lawn in her underwear (don't think I'm ever getting rid of that image.). Can't imagine what she'll do inside her own (non residental) garage. But it won't be long before I can. Hmmm...maybe I should buy her some curtains, really really thick curtains, as a non house warming present.

9:45am: I take the dogs back inside. As I have not broken my face, I decide to celebrate with a batch of chocolate chip muffins.

9:56am: The muffins go in the oven to bake and I go to my office to turn on the computer. Today's the day I'm going to write that synopsis. Or die trying.

9:58am: I immediately log on to Facebook. Yes, there's a chance I might be slightly addicted to this site. I search the site for a twelve step program to help me deal with my addiction and find there's about five hundred of them. Now that's what you call ironic.

10:00am: Ellen Emerson White has not yet responded to my latest post. Not that I'm at all obsessed by this.

10:12am: The dogs run, barking madly, out of the office and to the front door. Since I can see the front door from my office and know that no one is anywhere near the door, I let them go.

10:15am: It occurs to me the true reason why the dogs were barking. The oven timer. I run out to ascertain the status of my chocolate chip muffins.

10:16am: Hmmm...cajun chocolate chip muffins anyone?

10:17am: I return to the computer. I turn the sounds off on the phone so it won't be a distraction. I leave the television off and click on my folder of celtic instrumental music. That's right. I'm serious. I open Word and open my synopsis.

10:18am: I open a game of Minesweeper. Dammit.

10:20am: I do not defeat my own best expert level time (115 Seconds) so I close Minesweeper and return to Word, opening the lyrics I wrote for Mike and the Second Nature scene I've been working on. The lyrics I finished yesterday and sent off to Mike last night, but it's still habit to obsess over them. As for the Second Nature scene, I think I fixed the plot problem I was having last night. Earlier this morning? Well, whenever I was having it, I think I've solved it now.

10:30am: I decide the lyrics are still good and turn to the scene.

11:05am: I stop writing when Mischa freaks out at the nothing outside, startling me half to death in the process. If she's barking at the snow, it's going to be a very long day.

11:08am: Mischa goes back to sleep and I go back to work.

11:16am: I stop again. This time, however, it is because I am stuck. Must be time to switch back to the synopsis. Only that insinuates I've actually done something more with the synopsis than just open the document.

11:19am: I read the last paragraph of the synopsis and then go check my email. Dammit.

11:26am: I finish answering my emails. All two of them. Back to work.

11:28am: I return to email to write a couple of new emails. Am I a master procrastinator or what?

11:42am: All right. I'm going back to work. For real this time. I will resist the urge to log back into Facebook, just to check if Ellen Emerson White has responded to my latest post. I'm not a cyber stalker, I swear.

12:00pm: I hit two pages. Barely, but still, it's two pages. I celebrate by logging back into Facebook, just to check if Ellen Emerson White has responded to my latest post. I'm not a cyber stalker, I swear.

12:02pm: No, no response yet. It's like she has a life outside of Facebook or something. Inconceivable!

12:03pm: I look at the synopsis and wonder how anyone manages to condense an eight hundred paged book into a 3-10 paged summary. It's madness, I tell you, madness. I mean, come on, I can't cut stuff out. It's all important to me. If I could've told the damn story in 3-10 pages, don't you think I already would've done that? Of course, it should be noted that in the page (barely two) that I have written, I have covered seventy two pages.

12:23pm: I have almost a page and a half now and have just noticed that the header at the top of the second page still says page one. What the frak? How the frak do I fix that? I'll call Heather later and ask her. She's taking a business class that seems to revolve around the editing of various office documents. Maybe she knows. I took a class like that once. The first session was devoted to "How To Use The Mouse" which was my first indication that maybe it was not the class for me. My second indication was, during the "How To Use The Mouse" lab session (which involved playing solitare, by the way), when I was caught by my professor to not be playing solitare but rather chatting with Joe online and all the professor had to say was, "How are you doing that?" But anyway, I digress (I know, what a novel experience for this blog!). It's lunch time which means it's time for another break.

1:47pm: Break time's over. Although I should really go outside and do some shoveling, I open Word again.

1:48pm: I log onto Facebook, just to check if Ellen Emerson White has responded to my latest post. It is quite possible that I am a cyber stalker. But I'm harmless, I swear!

2:27pm: I write a few pages, not in my synopsis (of course not.) but in Second Nature. I celebrate by checking my email. Mike and I are discussing the possibility of me building a garage that's even more ostentatious than Marie's garage. We do agree that my new garage should block out Marie's sun. No other emails to report except that my amazon order has shipped. Woo Hoo. I don't suppose that'll be arriving today, will it? Not that I have a car with which to go fetch it from the post office. Dammit. Never mind.

3:00pm: I am so mother-loving tired I don't think I can do anymore today. Plus, I still have to go out and shovel. Frakking snow. You know, it was like 140 degrees on the court during the Australian Open yesterday. According to the Weather Channel, it's seventeen degrees here. I wonder what our wireless weather station says it is. Joe hung the sensor outside the door...right over the dryer vent, so it's not the most accurate of thermometers.

3:01pm: All right. I'm going to shovel before I fall asleep. Better to do that before I fall asleep rather than during.

3:15: I give Mischa, and Mischa only, permission to go outside but Sebastian decides to push his way through anyway. No leash. No collar. Mom is not amused. Fortunately, his need to pee slows him down enough so I can catch him. Unfortunately, after I catch him, I have to talk to him in a nice, happy tone as to promote his coming back the next time. I use some not nice words, but I say them sweetly.

3:30pm: I finish the shoveling (FYI: shoveling with bruised ribs is somewhat uncomfortable.) and go back inside to fetch Sebastian for his authorized romp in the snow.

3:31pm: Mischa manages to lose her rope bone in the snow. Everything comes to a grinding halt.

3:40: I find the rope bone and we go back inside before any other mishaps can occur.

3:45pm: I settle on the couch to read. Or watch a movie. Or, quite possibly, nap.

3:46pm: Movie wins out. I watch The Duchess starring Ralph Fiennes and Kiera Knightly. I could link to their names but I'm feeling quite lazy at the moment.

5:00pm: Joe comes home, looks at the television and says, "You're watching that queer movie again?" He's mistaken The Duchess for Pride and Prejudice. Since they're both period films starring Kiera Knightly, I forgive the transgression.

5:30pm: Ruthie calls to tell me that Old Julie has decided to use our on-call hours for our shift tomorrow so instead of getting out at 2pm, we won't get out until 4pm. Plus, we have to work with Julie Do-Little all day long. She thought I should hear it from her tonight, instead of hearing it from Julie Do-Little in the morning. The news does not make me happy but she's right. It is better that I heard it from her.

5:53pm: Mischa pukes again. But of course she does.

6:45pm: The plow guy arrives. Sebastian barks. A lot. Mischa barks too.

8:00pm: We watch American Idol. While I watch, I read A Walk Through The Woods by Bill Bryson. There are times while reading when I think that I would like to go hike the AT. Then I remember how much I like flush toilets and sleeping indoors.

9:00pm: Time for bed I said. As soon as I take the dogs outside. Again.

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