Saturday, January 31, 2009

January '09 Book Report

Here are a list of the books I read this past month, and my impressions of them:

Long Live The Queen- Ellen Emerson White- This is the new, updated version of the book which was released last summer. I know it’s the third in the series, but the other two are coming in the mail and haven’t arrived yet. They’ll be coming soon. Anyway, it was a little weird to read the changes, knowing the original story so well, but I liked it a lot. I especially liked the part where Meg puts on her Sunnydale High tee shirt and watched a bunch of Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes.

White House Autumn- Ellen Emerson White- This is the new, updated version of the book which was released last summer. It’s the second in the series. The first one still has yet to arrive. Stupid Borders website. It’s still a little weird to read the changes because I do know the story so well, but it’s still a great read.

The President's Daughter- Ellen Emerson White- This is the new, updated version of the book which was released last summer. It’s the first in the series. And yes, it's still a great read.

Long May She Reign- Ellen Emerson White- This is the newest addition to the President’s Daughter series, released last year. It’s only the second time I’ve read this book. As much as I enjoyed it, I have to say I miss Josh (even though I totally understand their break up) and I don’t like Jack. I mean, I really don't like Jack.

The Tales of Beedle The Bard- J. K. Rowling- A supplement to the Harry Potter series. It’s nice. I found some of the footnotes kind of curious though. For example, Rowling found it necessary to remind readers what a ‘squib’ is, like people reading this book aren’t the same people who are absolutely and totally obsessed with the HP series, or something. So, if you’re a person who picked up this book without knowing anything about the HP series, tell me. Because inquiring minds want to know.

Plum Spooky- Janet Evanovich- Her latest Stephanie Plum novel and one of those annoying Between the Numbers offerings. This was the first BTN book that was a full length novel and not more of a novella. I found the novellas to be tedious, so you can imagine how enamored I was with this book. Too many hot men in Stephanie’s life who need a good solid kick in the balls, which apparently, is something Stephanie’s good at so why she doesn’t do it to them, I do not know. These books used to make me laugh and then laugh harder. Now they’re just annoying.

Tithe- Holly Black- I bought this book off a whim one day because I thought the cover was beautiful and the story didn’t sound half bad. It’s a modern day faerie tale. So I also bought a copy of the set (there are currently three by this author) to give to my niece for Christmas because she likes to read and I thought she’d really like these books. Well, I’m hoping she really likes the books because I really do. It’s compulsively readable but so much better written than Stephenie Meyer's books that I never found myself rolling my eyes at any of it. Also had the added bonus of making me realize just how different my childhood upbringing was, compared to Joe’s side of the family, because just reading the first chapter made me wonder if Beth (sister in law) was going to be upset with me for buying these books for Rhaine because the kids swear, drink and smoke…all in the first couple of freaking chapters. Never would’ve read this when I was thirteen. Of course, I also don’t think this book would’ve existed when I was thirteen. Anyway, really, really good.

Valiant- Holly Black- The second in her modern faerie tale series. I didn’t like it as much as the first book but it was still a good read. The main characters from the first book were only seen briefly at the end. I missed them.

Ironside- Holly Black- The third in her modern faerie tale series. I liked this one better than the second one, I think mostly because it contained the characters I had grown attached to in the first book. I wanted to know what would happen to Kaye and Roiben and Corny and this book furthered their story. It brought in characters from the second book, which I liked, because I didn’t have anything against those characters, it’s just that I was more interested in the others. Anyway, I don’t know if there are more books to follow in this series but I hope there are because they’re good.

A Walk Through The Woods-Bill Bryson- Woo Hoo! I read a non fiction book! Memoirs count, you know, as non fiction, unless, of course, they're written by James Frey. Anyway, this book follows Bryson's attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail. It's a nice mixture of humor and history and I found it to be rather interesting. I've often thought I'd like to hike the AT. This book made me really feel that way. Then, like I've said before, I remember how much I really, really like flush toilets and showers and not sleeping on the ground. The part where Bryson thinks a bear (or two) is in camp made me laugh so hard, I cried.

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